Open for Business Near The Kenmore: Target’s Tenleytown Location

When you don’t want to run all over the city for all your errands, you may want to choose Target. Commonly known as the go-to for just about anything, we’re lucky to have the DC Tenleytown store within such close proximity.

If you need groceries, they have everything you need including fresh produce, meat, and all the snacks. Trail mix is a great find at Target because it comes in huge containers that will last you a while, for a price-tag that’s much less than other retailers. Phone stopped working? Stop at the mobile kiosk, which is special to some Target locations, you can grab a new phone, trade-in your old phone, or start a new service plan, regardless of what service you currently have, without having to go to the Verizon or AT&T store! If you need your prescription filled, there is also an on-site CVS Pharmacy to do that for you.

Be careful when you enter the home goods area, most tend to spend a little more than they anticipated because of all the gorgeous, affordable finds, especially the brand partnerships with brands like Lilly Pulitzer and Joanna Gaines.  Happy shopping!