Summer in the City

Summer is in full swing, and for plenty of DC locals, that means a trip to the neighborhood ice cream shop. If that sounds appealing to you, consider ordering your next frosty treat at Bri’s Brookland Creamery. This locally owned scoop shop specializes in small-batch ice cream with an emphasis on natural ingredients, fresh flavors, and plenty of fun mix-ins.

Popular flavors include classics like cookies and cream (with real Oreo crumbles), as well as seasonal varieties (think black cherry or maple toffee). Order yours in a traditional cone and eat it on the street (quickly, before it melts away!) or spoon it out of a cup (with whipped cream and a cherry on top). Enjoy your ice cream enough that you’d like to buy a pint or more to keep in your home freezer? Check the shop’s website for a list of local grocery locations that carry Bri’s products.