Bite Into a Wood-Fired Bagel at Call Your Mother

If you have tried any of the brick-and-mortar Call Your Mother locations in the past, you know how tasty their breakfast is. The eatery’s newest location is in Bethesda, but it isn’t a food truck, and it isn’t a storefront—it’s a trolley. This bright pink trolley is where they cook up all the breakfast goodness Call Your Mother is known for in a fun new spot.

If you’ve never tried Call Your Mother before, the wood-fired bagels are things that dreams are made of and the perfect base for any breakfast sandwich, or their signature “Jew-ish” deli staples.

They’re doing a great job ensuring social distancing, with six-feet markers to form the line and all staff are wearing gloves and masks as they prep your delicious eats. If you don’t want to wait in line you can actually order right online for pickup.