Ghostburger Is Now Open Near The Kenmore

What better time to eat at a place called Ghostburger than in the weeks leading up to Halloween? The signature Spooky Sauce brings the heat to the classic Ghostburger, which also sports layers of American cheese, red onions, and dill pickles. It’s just one of the signature sammies on the menu, inspired by different places around the world.

La Hamburguesa, for instance, features Mexican touches like queso Oaxaca, smoked tomatillo relish, salsa macha, and cilantro. The Frenchie, meanwhile, showcases Champignon de Paris mushrooms, Fourme d’Ambert blue cheese, onion confit, and garlic aioli. Pair your chosen burger with crinkle-cut fries, a wedge salad, or giardiniera pickles. You can also skip the sandwich and go for Fresno chicken wings instead, loaded with Fresno butter sauce and served with ranch on the side.