Find Unique Gifts Near The Kenmore at Sullivan’s Toy Store and Art Supplies

Now that gatherings with friends and family are back on the calendar, you may find yourself with a birthday party or two coming up. When you’re out in search of the perfect gift, consider stopping in at Sullivan’s Toy Store and Art Supplies. Located just moments from your luxury apartment in Cleveland Park, the local business boasts a great selection, and any money you spend here will go toward helping your own community.

What Sullivan’s Toy Store lacks in size it more than makes up for in variety! Customers say that although small, the store is positively packed with all different types of toys. Whether the birthday kid is into model trains or building blocks, board games or video games, science experiments or outdoor activities, Sullivan’s is bound to have something that fits the bill. One of patrons’ favorite parts of shopping here is that the friendly staff actually wraps your gift for you! That means you just have to shop and pay—they’ll do the rest of the prep for your party. The business is also a good spot to go if you’re looking for some new crafting supplies for your own little ones.